Wedding Policy

Congratulations on your engagement!  We are so happy that you are considering Saint Paul’s United Methodist Church for your wedding.  This policy will clarify all of the roles of the participants involved in your wedding and all of our policies.  At the end of the policy there is a link to register your wedding date.  We will follow up with our availability.  The fees for non-members are listed.  Church member fees are available in the office.

The Role of the Minister

The ministers of Saint Paul’s United Methodist Church shall have the privilege of officiating at all weddings in its

Sanctuary and Chapel.  In cases where the principals of the wedding desire another minister to participate in the

ceremony, this shall be discussed with the officiating minister, who will then invite the visiting minister to participate in the ceremony and determine his/her role in it.  If the visiting minister is not of the United Methodist faith, one of our ministers will be present at the rehearsal and wedding to officiate and/or assist with the service.

Our ministers generally require at least three counseling sessions prior to the wedding.   These sessions should be scheduled with the officiating pastor at least two months prior to the wedding date.

The Marriage License needs to be presented to the minister at the Wedding Rehearsal.

Due to increased activity at Saint Paul’s surrounding religious holidays, no wedding rehearsals or weddings will be scheduled during the Holy Week of Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas.


Duties of the Church Facilities Coordinator

This position is the initial point of contact couples have with scheduling their wedding and reception, therefore, it is vital they receive an up-to-date copy of our wedding policy and fee schedule, at that time.  The Facilities Coordinator duties are as follows:

  • Complete wedding registration form, along with having couple sign and date.
  • Collect $200.00 security deposit from non-members which will be returned after the wedding pending no damage to the facility.
  • Provide couple with current wedding policy and fee schedule.
  • After wedding date is confirmed with minister, place on church-wide calendar, along with all facility sites being used, i.e., sanctuary, Sanders Hall, parlor, etc. including time frame of use.
  • Provide assigned wedding coordinator with completed signed copy of registration form.
  • Receive all fees due to the church one month prior to wedding date.
  • Distribute payment to appropriate people, i.e., minister(s), wedding coordinator, church musician, and sexton no later than day of rehearsal.


Selection of Music

Music plays a very important part in all the worship services at Saint Paul’s United Methodist Church.  The major role of music is to emphasize the dignity of God and to glorify His name.


Since the wedding is an act of worship and praise of God, its music should focus on this.    Tape-recorded music of any kind is not appropriate.  When choosing your music for the wedding, ask yourself if the music can be used for the morning worship service.  REMEMBER: the music is to glorify God, to celebrate the Christian marriage, and express the faith of the participants.  Each wedding couple will have at least one consultation with the church musician on the selection of their music.  The couple should contact the church musician immediately following their first consultation with the minister and confirmation of a date on the calendar.  Secular music can be used if approved by our church musician.


Duties of the Church Musician

The church musician will play for all weddings and rehearsals.  Exceptions to this rule are granted only if approved by the church musician and/or the minister.  The following are duties of the church musician:

  1. Meet with the couple prior to rehearsal date to discuss and decide on appropriate music selections. Have these selections in writing to communicate with the Wedding Coordinator.
  2. Coordinate any special music rehearsal(s) with soloist(s) or other musicians prior to wedding rehearsal.
  3. Be prepared to play music selections (or portions of) at the rehearsal as directed by the Wedding Coordinator.
  4. Pre-wedding music generally begins twenty (20) minutes prior to the time printed on the wedding invitation.
  5. Organist should carefully watch Wedding Coordinator for any signals/signs of direction from the narthex area.
  6. Continue to play selections as discussed and as guests are exiting sanctuary.


Duties of the Wedding Coordinator

After a wedding is scheduled and confirmed by the minister, couples wishing to be married will be referred to a Wedding Coordinator.  It is important for the couple to meet with their assigned Wedding Coordinator promptly in order to outline the procedures to be followed and answer questions that may be in the minds of those making arrangements.  It is understood the officiating minister and the Wedding Coordinator will direct the rehearsal, and wedding.  The Wedding Coordinator’s responsibilities are:

  1. Carefully review the church policy for weddings and receptions with the couple and/or other person(s) involved;
  2. Coordinating arrangements with the minister, couple, church staff person, and sexton;
  3. Arrange for set-up of appropriate items for the rehearsal and the wedding;
  4. Direct the rehearsal and wedding;
  5. Contracted Wedding Planners may attend and assist, only at the request of the Wedding Coordinator;
  6. Protect church property, i.e., carpets, furnishings, and altar-ware, with special attention to possible fire hazards associated with candle use.
  7. Make sure that the Facilities Coordinator has updated the church calendar.


Duties of the Church Sexton

This position acts as an assistant to the Wedding Coordinator and plays a very important role in assuring the facility is accessible and ready for use.  His/her duties include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Unlock appropriate doors for rehearsal and wedding at time set by the Wedding Coordinator.
  2. Place prayer kneeler, candelabras with oil filled candles, greenery, and any other items, as needed. Put away all items used and re-fill candles with oil, after wedding service.
  3. Organize dressing areas (bride & groom’s) for their comfort. This includes bringing in adult sized chairs for groom’s party area.  Also, making sure dressing areas are cleaned and organized afterwards.
  4. In charge of microphones and sound system.
  5. Physically present and available during rehearsal and wedding, when needed by the Wedding Coordinator.
  6. Make sure sanctuary and any other rooms used are clean and organized for the next event/service.



Photographs will be permitted during the ceremony.  The church discourages photographs during the ceremony taken by family members or friends.  This communicated either by posting an announcement in the wedding program or putting a sign in the narthex welcome area.  It is suggested that as many pictures be taken before the service; however, the wedding party may return for further pictures, immediately following the ceremony.  The photographer should limit photographs to twenty (20) no more than thirty (30) minutes after the ceremony due to the fact that wedding guests are waiting.   The processional and recessional may be photographed as long as the photographer is stationed within the last 8 pews from the back, in the seat closest to the aisle.  Photographer may not stand in the aisle and slow down the wedding party.  They also have the option to stand in the back of the church, behind the last pew, to photograph the recessional. The photographer should not be moving about the sanctuary during the church service.  The church reserves the right to exclude photographers who fail to observe these rules.  All photographs taken in the Sanctuary or on the church grounds will be in keeping with the decorum of a Christian Wedding in a sacred space.

A videographer may use the balcony to tape the service.  One (1) small video camera (not person) can be set-up before guests arrive in the choir loft area (that is not visible to the congregation); it CANNOT be adjusted or altered at anytime during the wedding service.  If it malfunctions, then the only video taping will be from the balcony – NO EXCEPTIONS.


Intoxicants and Smoking

All members of the wedding party shall abstain from the use of intoxicants prior to the wedding and rehearsal. The minister has the right to refuse to officiate at a ceremony should this provision be disregarded.  NO alcoholic beverage shall be served on church property.  Smoking is PROHIBITED in and around all church buildings.


Dressing Room

The Choir Room, which adjoins the ladies’ restroom, is available for use as a dressing room, if the bride desires.  It is the wedding party’s responsibility to dispose of any food or drinks that were brought in and to remove all personal belongings before the reception, if the reception is at another location or immediately following the reception, if held at the church.



The Reception Hall (“Sanders Hall”), Parlor, and kitchen are available for receptions. Experience has shown that the Parlor Room facilities are not adequate for serving refreshments to groups larger than 60.  It is necessary that plates be used when refreshments are served in the Parlor.  Refreshments for larger groups must be served in Sanders Hall.  Kitchen areas must be left clean and all food removed immediately following the reception.

For the use of the kitchen facilities, the church Facilities Coordinator must be consulted in advance (phone: 385-5146). Items available for receptions: tables and chairs.


Use of Rice and Bird Seed

No rice or “Wedding Rice” shall be thrown.  Bird seed may be thrown outside and away from the entrance to the building.


Communion Served During Wedding Ceremonies

The United Methodist Church practices an open table for communion.  When communion elements are shared, they are shared for all who would like to partake who are present in worship.  Our wedding ceremonies are a setting of worship and if communion is desired, we will offer it to any and all present for the ceremony.  We have different ways for serving the bread and cup depending on the wishes of the bride and groom and the number of guests present for the ceremony.  Please speak to one of Saint Paul’s ministers if you wish to include communion in your ceremony.  Procurement of the elements must also be discussed with the minister.


Policy for Decorating

We believe that both our Sanctuary and Chapel are unusually well arranged and appointed for beautiful, religiously meaningful wedding ceremonies.  Christian art, symbolism, and chancel appointments all combine to provide an adequate and reverent setting for your wedding.

It is suggested that the flowers arrangements (fresh or silk) be placed onto the two (2) built-in side pedestals and/or one (1) arrangement placed on the stand behind the altar table.  Additional flowers arrangements may be used, if they in no way obscure the view of the altar. Nothing (flower arrangements, palms, candelabra, etc.) may obstruct the view of the altar.

The church has the following items available for use:

  • 2 standing seven-light candelabras, with oil candles*
  • 2 three-branch candelabras, with oil candles*
  • Unity candelabra, with oil candles*
  • Kneeling bench
  • 2 four foot white columns
  • Any potted plants in the sanctuary that look healthy.
  • *Oil candles are provided by the church and must be used.

Due to safety reasons, no aisle cloths are permitted.  Silk flower petals can be used by the flower attendants down the aisle; however fresh flower petals are not allowed, due to staining.

No article of furnishing shall be moved out of the Sanctuary.  The Guest Book may be placed in the front narthex on the lectern or on a small table.  No tacks, nails, pins, screws, or any other objects shall be driven into walls, floors, pews, or other furnishings.  No use of adhesive material is permitted on the walls or pews.  Any damage to the furnishings shall be repaired to the satisfaction of the church by the party responsible.  Florists are responsible for cleaning all remains after setting up for the ceremony, i.e., leaf parts, ribbon, etc.

Couples having Saturday weddings in the Sanctuary may leave flower arrangements for the Sunday morning worship services, if previously scheduled with the church office staff person and placed on the flower calendar in the front narthex.  It is the bride’s/couple’s responsibility to schedule on the flower calendar and notify church Publishing Specialist regarding appropriate acknowledgment in the church bulletin, if leaving flowers for Sunday morning worship services.  All other decorations should be removed promptly after the ceremony.  The Sexton is not responsible for moving or removing decorations from the Sanctuary, nor can the church take any responsibility for decorations or equipment left in the church after the wedding.  Flowers from the Sunday services may be picked up Monday morning by the family or they will be delivered to the hospital or homebound by the UMW circles.


Financial Costs of the Wedding

Expenses for certain charges the church must make simply to meet our costs of building maintenance, utilities, and custodial care.  Our own sexton must be employed to see that all rooms are clean and in proper order.

The Wedding Rehearsal is limited to one hour thirty minutes from the time listed on the registration form.  If additional time is used, then overtime for the Wedding coordinator and the Sexton will be deducted from the deposit.

A deposit of $200.00 is due at the time you schedule your wedding.  All other fees are due one month prior to the wedding, to the Facilities Coordinator in the church office.  Make separate checks for facilities, church musician, sexton, wedding coordinator, and minister.


Wedding Registration Form

To fill out a registration form click here:

Non-member Fee Schedule Prices
Sanctuary $ 900.00
Chapel $ 300.00
Minister (suggested honorarium) $ 200.00
Assisting Minister (suggested honorarium) $ 100.00
Church Musician $ 200.00
Church Musician (when accompanying a soloist) $ 225.00
Wedding Coordinator (wedding only) $ 275.00
Wedding Coordinator (wedding and reception) $ 450.00
Sanders Hall and Kitchen (4 hours) $ 400.00
Sanders Hall and Kitchen (additional use per hour) $ 100.00
Parlor Room and Kitchen (4 hours) $ 300.00
Parlor Room and Kitchen (additional use per hour) $ 100.00
Sexton Fees Prices
Sanctuary Rehearsal & Wedding (7 hours) $ 225.00
Sanctuary Rehearsal, Wedding & Reception (9 hours) $ 250.00
Chapel Wedding only (3 hours) $ 75.00
Chapel Rehearsal and Wedding (4 hours) $ 100.00
Chapel Rehearsal, Wedding & Reception (5 hours) $ 175.00
Security Deposit for Non-members $ 200.00

Note: If the wedding coordinator and/or sexton are required longer than stated times, appropriate overtime charges will be billed at $25.00 per hour each.