Adult Sunday School @ SPUMC

Join us to study scripture, to pray and to enjoy fellowship!


Location: Room 207

A small, friendly, multi-generational group that enjoys reading and discussing Christian literature together, such as books by James Moore and J.Ellsworth Kalas. We enjoy hearing other points of view and struggling together to understand the difficult questions of faith. A lively sense of humor ensures that there is never a dull moment! Everyone is welcome.

Contact: Russell Almond (850) 668-9624 , [email protected]


Location: Chapel

One of the oldest classes in the church. Most of its members, both married and single, are retired. Our name is in memory of a missionary who gave his life in the Congo. Classes are taught by both members and guests, and lessons may be taken from church publications or issues of local interest.

Contact: John Stiles (850) 385-2450 , [email protected] &/or
Sybil Palmer (850) 668-9385 , sagpalmer@embarqmailcom

CHEERS – Christians Happily Engaged in Enriching, Relevant Studies

Location: Below the Sanctuary

“Christians Happily Engaged in Enriching, Relevant Studies”. This is a multi-generational class, which includes couples and singles. The class focuses on contemporary issues in a supportive Christian environment. We are willing to question tradition as we discuss how to be Christians in today’s world. We find grace in the search for understanding and believe there is more value in questioning than in absolutes. All opinions are valued. The coffee pot is always on. Join us anytime.

Contact: Dave Cuddington (850)-894-0540 / [email protected] &/or Barbara Block (850) 241-2642 / [email protected]


Location: “Common Grounds” – Parlor

One of the newest Sunday School classes to form at SPUMC and we LOVE coffee and we LOVE chatting. This class is a supportive and welcoming group that visitors or new members can expect lively discussion and prayerful encouragement. Many of our members are new to the community and new to the Methodist church! Come chat, learn, and grow in faith with us!

Contact: Stephany Nystrand (229) 400-0722, [email protected]


Location: Room 310

The coffee is perking and a steaming cup of fellowship awaiting those who wish to join this enthusiastic group. The format is lecture/discussion. We hold regular social gatherings and are involved in community outreach. We also support the church mission programs.

Contact: Sue Spencer (850) 385- 1836 / [email protected]


Location: Room 211

This class has couples, singles and single-on Sunday members, with and without children, and ranging in age from 40’s and beyond! We are an active and exciting class involved in many aspects of the church. This class is for those who are interested in enriching Bible study opportunities for Christian service and fellowship in class as well as at social gatherings.

Contact: Lyn Shoffstall (850) 877-593 / [email protected]


Location: Room 301

A hospitable community of sinners appreciative of God’s prevenient grace. We follow the Wesleyan Quadrilateral of scripture, tradition, reason and experience, and the New Horizons’ 3Fs: food, fellowship and fun. Many of us have children in college or who are beginning families, as well as aging parents. Lessons cover scripture, spiritual disciplines, social issues and matters of faith in practice. We have local mission projects, fun needy families and missionaries, and staff mission trips. Those seeking fellowship, spiritual challenge, and faith in action will find a welcoming home.

Contact: Kathy Duval (850) 559-0145 / [email protected] &/or Alan Martin (850) 559-0145 / [email protected]


Location: Room 309

A welcoming group of people who love learning more about God through great discussion, friendship and fun. Nearly all of us are parents of children ranging in age from toddlers to teenagers and beyond. We have lively informed conversation on all stages of life and faith. Most of all we are glad to have found a “place” in the church to feel comfortable and grow in relationship with friends and faith.

Contact: Andrew Fischer (850) 524- 4980/ [email protected]


Location: Room 300

A friendly large group with a range of ages. We have a strong bond that is exhibited through the support of our members and by our faith. We keep in touch with a weekly newsletter. Sunday morning, we enjoy coffee and conversation before we start singing and sharing our joys, concerns and an enriching study of God’s word. When you visit be sure to BYOB..bring your own Bible!

Contact: Don Griesheimer (850) 567-0030 / [email protected]

Youth Class

Contact: Interim Youth Director Emma Klotz

Children’s Sunday School Classes

Nursery – Level 200, Secure access please ring the door bell

Ages 6 months up to 5 years of age. Available from 8am-12:15pm includes pre-school Sunday school instruction, snack and directed playtime.

Grades K-2 – Foundation Level

Learn the stories of our faith through scripture, science discussion, snack and craft with one of the best, Mrs. Brown! She has been teaching this class for over 20 years and continues to inspire young hearts to learn the Lord’s prayer and see the wonder in the natural world around them.

Teacher: Mrs. Jo Ellen Brown and assistant

Contact: Leslie Scott- [email protected]

Grades 3-5
– Foundation, center “Art” Room

Dive deeper into faith stories by engaging discussion through more advanced games, science experiments, and art.

Teachers change monthly

Contact: Leslie Scott- [email protected]

Updated February 2024